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The Northgreen Village Association Subcommittee

Concerning The Northgreen Country Club and Golf Course


On August 24, 2022, the Northgreen Village Association formed a subcommittee to explore options regarding the Northgreen Country Club and Golf Course. The committee decided that the primary problem was the current condition of the property. Members agreed that, with renovation, there’s considerable potential to benefit not only Ward 7 residents, but all residents of the city.



The subcommittee of the North Green Village Community Association proposes the inclusion of this matter as an agenda item for the City Council Committee of the Whole. 


  • Secure the votes needed to fund a feasibility study of the benefits of partnering with local corporate, private, and or other entities 

  • Facilitate the acquisition of this property for the purpose of expanding the city’s recreation capabilities, and protecting our taxpayers from major property devaluation. 

       Consequence of Maintaining the Status Quo

  • Reduced property values due to community blight

  • The dilapidated swimming pool poses health-risks 

  • lack of overall maintenance

  • Lost opportunity to provide the city with creative programming if developers build housing                                                                                                                                          Benefits of Restoration

  • Additional revenue stream

  • Expanded recreational opportunities for all of Rocky Mount residents

  • Improved travel and tourism revenue

  • Sustained or increased property values

  • Provides a public meeting place for Ward 7 residents, currently there is none

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