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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northgreen Village Association?

The NGVA is made up of volunteers who live in Northgreen and strive to keep the area's special beauty and tranquility alive and well. Any resident of Northgreen Village is welcome to be a part of this effort

What is the Northgreen Village Association Board?

The NGVA Board is made up of property  owners who have been elected by their neighbors to represent Northgreen and attempt to maintain its special beauty and tranquility.

What are the Northgreen Covenants?
Covenants were written during the 1970s when Northgreen was first developed. They contain basic requirements to keep the area well maintained and attractive.  The location of homes, driveways, parking areas and structures are based on these Covenants.

What is the purpose of the Covenants?

Northgreen's Covenants were created to  provide a harmonious community of people and homes and to provide for a high quality of property and property improvements

that enhance the value of investments made by Northgreen's property owners.

How are the  Northgreen Covenants enforced?

The Covenants are enforceable by proceedings at law and or in equity. The Covenants are a legal document that can be enforced through the court system. The usual process begins by having a warning sent to the  owner of the lot where a violation occurs. If not remedied in a reasonable time, a fine is rendered. Failure to comply will result in having the matter resolved through small claims court.

Is there a Northgreen Covenant that does not allow vehicles to be parked on the grass?

It would be common sense to not park on ones yard. This not only kills the grass but also disturbs the soil and will makes a yard unsightly and unstable.  Northgreen Covenants  do require "adequate off-street parking".    Since Northgreen Village was first developed it was understood that "adequate off-street parking" means the use of driveway areas or garages.

Is there a City Code pertaining to property appearance such as grass cutting.

There are very strict City Codes pertaining to property appearance. For example if a yard is not maintained, the city will send someone to fix up the property and charge the owner. Northgreen covenants also do not allow for unsightly property "nor shall anything be done which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood".

What about animals?

City Code does not allow more than two dogs to be penned up. Dogs are not be allowed to roam free. Cats are not allowed to roam free. Fowl, such as chickens, are not allowed unless a special permit is obtained and bordering property owners do not object.  Northgreen Covenants further state: " no animals or fowls shall be kept or allowed to remain on any lot other than household pets.

What about tractor trailers?

Covenants state: "no trade materials or inventory shall be stored on the premises and no trucks or tractors may be regularly parked on the premises". 

What can be done about speeding traffic in our neighborhood?

A few years ago the NGVA was influential in having the city put speed humps on Waterloo. However, we were not able to get the speed limit dropped to 25 .  NGVA did acquire the "Please Drive 25" signs seen around the neighborhood.

What can I do to help?

Please join the NGVA and be an active volunteer who looks out for our neighborhood and reports unsightly or irresponsible actions to a Rocky Mount Department or to the Northgreen Board. You may find it helpful to review City Codes on the internet at:    

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